The Artis 2100 A4+ UV Printer

Print with high quality: personalized phone covers, gifts and more!

Compact UV Led PrinterThis compact UV LED printer is ideal for printing colored images on phone covers. The Artis 2100 is fast and easy to use for digital printing on phone covers with your own design. Covers can be made of any material type: the Artis 2100 can print on an impressive range of materials such as various plastics, aluminum, metal, copper, wood, triplex, MDF, carton, plexiglass, mirrors and more. The durable ink allows for low cost experimenting and personalization of phone covers.

Besides phone covers, the Artis 2100 can be used for many other products such as USB flash drives or other promotional gifts. Printing objects up to 8cm thick is easy with the flatbed.Because of UV curing, the prints are ready immediately, scratch resistant and durable.

The flatbed printers are easy to use and reliable. The print quality is very high because the machines use an Epson Piezo print head (L800) that delivers an impressive photo quality with resolution up to 2880 x 2880 dpi.

This flatbed printer can capitalize on the trend to personalize more and more objects and serve new customers and markets.

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Improvements over the Artis 2000 A4 + UV LED Printer

  • Automatic height adjustment
  • UV light intensity can be adjusted
  • More precisely
  • The printer is more industrial, and has a robust design
  • The printer has less maintenance

The main advantages are:

  • Quality combined with speed
  • easy maintenance
  • Flash On Ink Firing System
  • Continuous Ink Supply System
  • Ink in bottles and economically
  • Re-engineered to print big results in small format
  • 3D texture possible
  • Suitable for both rigid and flexible materials
  • Newly formulated UV ink
  • Unique loading platform
  • water cooling system

Note: Our flatbed printers can not print pantones and color settings will need to be set by the customer for each different type of material that is printed.

Artis 2100 UV Led A4 for Phone Covers and Personalized Gifts