The Artis 3000 A3+ UV Printer

Print with high quality on wood: personalized gifts, promotional items and more!

The Artis 3000 UV LED flatbed printer is ideal for printing on wood and a large variety of other materials. Aluminum, metal, copper, wood, plywood, MDF, cardboard, plastic, plexiglass, mirrors, USB sticks, carrying cases, and a large range of other materials can be printed digitally. Objects up to 8 cm in height are very suitable for the flatbed. The use of UV technology enables the prints to be instantly printed, scratch resistant and durable. The machines are fairly easy to use and they are reliable. The print quality is very high because the machines use an Epson Piezo print head (L800) that delivers photo quality with resolution up to 2880 x 2880 dpi.

This UV printer can capitalize on the trend to personalize more and more objects and serve new customers and markets. Think of: wooden packaging for wine and other products, wooden pens and pen boxes, accessoires, woodprints, personalized gifts, promotional products, USB flash drives, beer mats and wooden key chains.

The durable ink allows for low cost experimenting and personalization. Cost savings can go up to 50% due to the use of ink bottles instead of cartridges.

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Main advantages 

  • Qualitative results at high speed
  • Easier Maintenance
  • High color density and sharpness
  • The White Ink prints on both dark and transparent materials
  • Flash On Ink Flash Firing System
  • Continuous Ink Supply System
  • Ink Display System
  • HIS system

Re-engineered for the best results

  • Impressive 3D texture and increased pressure
  • Prints on both rigid and flexible materials
  • New LED UV ink formula
  • Unique loading platform
  • On Demand Control System
  • Water-cooled control system
  • Automatic printhead adjustments

Note: The flatbed printers do not print pantones and color settings will be set by the customer for each different type of material that is printed.

For printing with an acceptable resolution a special software is required that can be ordered separately for € 950 per license. Optional discount depending on order size.

Artis 3000 UV Led A3+ for Wood