ARTIS 3000T Textile Digital Printer A3

Production rate

The ARTIS 3000T is very fast. You will be able to print productions at high speed, so it only takes 2 minutes to print a personalized T-shirt @ 1440×1440 dpi.

It is advisable to use a pre-coating product for a better quality and durability on dark textile substrates.



artis3000timg2 Quality printing

The EPSON print head of this machine provides a resolution of 2880 dpi and a fineness of 1.5 pl wherefore sharp details come into their own and it is possible to print small texts.

The print head itself consists of 8 channels, each with 180 nozzles and a basic configuration of (C, M, Y, K, W, W, W, W). Custom ICC profiles can be developed to obtain the maximum returns from the ink. Experience and enjoy color accuracy and optimum color density.

blanco10x20 Inkt Compatibility

The ARTIS 3000T printer is compatible with our direct to garmet inks. For high end applications broterJet offer real Dupont colour and white ink. You can also our direct to garment ink.


The ARTIS 3000T is designed for printing on garments immediately. Experiment by printing on 100 light polyester. Both T-shirts, handbags, neckties, uniforms and clothing in general are suitable for printing with the ARTIS 3000T.

The ARTIS 3000T is also suitable for fashion designers thanks to its versatility and durability.
In summary, the ARTIS 3000T is an ideal and reliable solution to print both both light and dark materials.

tshirtsample Print Technology

The ARTIS 3000T ink system is based on the advanced Epson DX technology. He uses dye inks to ensure optimal results. A pre-coating is required for printing on dark clothing and the surfaces to be printed have to be made warm. The continuous ink supply system makes it possible to easily fill the ink containers at.


The ARTIS 3000T is made from high quality industrial components. In addition, the machine makes DTG(direct to garment) ink a long-lasting and waterproof prints. Using a heated surface will extend the life become. The Dupont inkts are recommended for improved quality and color fastness.

ARTIS 3000T Textile Digital Printer A3