Artis 5000 UV Led A2+

The Artis 5000U Led A2 printer is designed to make fantastic prints.  The ECO UV LED curing system ensures consistent results on a multitude of different materials and the products are immediately dry and ready to be packed. The machine is reliable, easy to maintain and print bright and sharp colors. The varnish and 3D capabilities of the machine give spectacular results.

With this UV printer, you can take profit of the trend to personalize more and more objects and serve new customers and markets. Call or write us for personal advice, references and test prints.

Ink in bottles

The Artis 5000 uses ink from bottles. This provides savings of up to 100% in comparison with other machines that use ink in cartridges

Flash on Ink Firing System

The Intelligently powered FOIF system is designed to electronically activate the UV LEDs only when firing ink.

Control on Demand System

The Artisjet printer is designed to allow the customer to control the settings of the UV LED for different materials and different working environments.

Automatic Printhead Height Adjustment

Equipped with sensors to automatically adjust head height.

Auto Cleaning Module

You can program a cleaning cycles if you do not expect to use the machine for a longer period of time.



Artis 5000 UV Led A2+


Print speed 10 minutes for Full 50 * 70 CM 1440 * 1440 dpi
Printing technology UV LED
Ink  artis Ink DTS UV ink (C,M,Y,K,W,W,W,W) (niet schadelijk)
Media Application Plastics, leather, PU, wood, paper, carton,

aluminium, copper, glass, ceramics, iron

Table size 530 * 810 mm
Thickness 0 – 100 mm, optional till 200 mm thick ítems can be printed
Printing Printing modes 4 pass
6 pass
8 pass
Print Resolution Up to 5760*1440dpi
Print Head Epson DX7 industrial printhead
Nozzles Variable dot size printing technology,

starting from 1.5 pl and up to 21pl

Artis 5000 UV Led A2+

Printer information

Connectivity Ports USB 2.0
Operating systems Windows 7, windows 10
Dimensions Depth x Width x Height Printer 800 x 980 x 510 mm
Shipping 880 x 1060 x 690
Weight Printer 220 Kg, Shipping 270 Kg
Content of the box Power cable, user manual, washing and spare parts package
Requirements of the room Working temperature 10 – 35 °. The printer should be placed in a well ventilated room and not in direct sunlight.
Power consumption and requirements AC100V~240V±10%, 0.5kVA
Certification CE certified
Warranty One year limited warranty. The printhead and the parts in direct contact with the ink are consumables and not covered by the warranty. Transportation or travel time and expenses are not included.
Artis 5000 UV Led A2+