BCN3D+ Kit model 3D Printer


BCN3D+ entry-level 3D printer

All your ideas on a print from the tangible reality.

The BCN3D+ is a modulair Open Source 3D printer which is ideally suited to explore the 3D world. It is designed by BCN3D Technologies and is suited for both experts as for starters. It is a do it yourself kit with very clear instructions and at an extra cost they can also be supplied ready, this is optional!


The BCN3D+ has a heated print area of 252×200 mm and the possibility to print objects at an height of 20 cm in a lot of different materials.

Specially developed extruder

The BCN3D+ has a BCN3DNozzle , which is a metal extruder that can be heated to 260C and which is specially designed for printing for optimal results. The standard head has a diameter of 0.4 mm, but there can also be put on a 0.6 mm. The minimum layer thickness is 0.075 mm.

Great results with low costs

You can print many different objects with lots of detail and a precise, consistent quality. You can try all kinds of filaments and optionally a pasta extruder which is available for ceramic or edible paste such as chocolate.

Settings and compatibility

The BCN3D+ comes with an instruction manual and a whole number of tested profiles for all materials that can be used in the printer. These configuration files can be downloaded in the Slic3r format. The machine can be connected to a computer through a USB connection. In this way monitoring programs such as RepetierHst or PrinterFace can be used for further control.

Construction and Calibration

The printer can be delivered as a DIY or as a ready to print. Both versions are provided with all the necessary tools to put the machine together and to assemble maintenance, calibration and optional components.

The DIY model comes with a very clear assembly intstruction and the parts are properly organized. The cabling only needs to be clicked on the contact points and soldering is not necessary. All calibration operations can be performed via the machine’s screen.

The BCN3D+ printer meets the technical and safety regulations for CE certification and comes with 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

The printer is an open model that can always be added to innovations. The upgrade to a dual extruder allows you to use different kinds of materials in a print whereby you can print objects in two colours or in two different materials or species that are soluble in liquid. With this pasta extruder you can print experimental edible material such as chocolate or ceramic.

The BCN3D+ works with Gcode files that can be loaded via an SD card. The machine can, if desired, be hung on a computer.

The printer comes with software for printing and designing objects. With NetFabb and Slic3r the designs can easily be transformed into Gcode.

BCN3D+ Kit model 3D Printer