Ignis Laser 100W CO2


The BCN3D Ignis is a cutting, marking and engraving laser machine that is ideal for industrial processes in business or in a Fablab environment. The machine contains a very precise optical laser that can engrave on alsmost all materials.

The machine can produce products from plate base material of plastic, wood, textiles and composites.

Besides that, the machine has a large production area:

  • X-as: 900 mm
  • Y-as: 600 mm
  • Z-as: 300 mm




The BCN3D Ignis uses a CO2 laser of 100 Watts and thanks to the laser it is possible to engrave complex patterns on metal and softer materials can be cut. Therefore, the precision in the cutting processes is extremely high.

 picto_ignis_01 picto_ignis_02 picto_ignis_03

Quality assurance and continuous improvement

The BCN3D Ignis Printer meet the technical and safety regulations for CE certification and comes with an 1 year limited warranty.

Autonomy and the formats of the productions

Because of the CO2 laser which BCN3D Ignis uses, it is possible to work on a wide variety of materials. Besides that, the machine is very user-friendly. The distinctiveness of the BCN3D Ignis has the versatility combined with the quality and the precision. Also, the BCN3D Ignis can be adapted to the wishes of the customer.

Technical specifications:

  • Production : cutting, marking and laser engraving
  • Print surface X -axis: 900 mm , Z – axis: 600 mm, Y – axis: 300 mm
  • Electronics: LAOS (open source)
  • Ext . Dimensions : 1580x1050x1350 mm following models are slightly smaller !
  • Connectivity: Ethernet
  • Power consumption : up to 2600W
  • Laser power : 100W
  • Optical Format : 4 ”
  • Accessories : smoke extraction and air circulation system
  • Compatible material: plastic, wood , leather, fiber / fiber
  • Open source software compatible : Visicut
Ignis Laser 100W CO2