Artisjet UV Led Printers

The UV printers can print onto any background colour, because of the white ink, and onto almost any material; they are water, scratch and sunlight resistant. They are suitable for making personalized gifts, advertising material, signs, mobile phone cases, etc. Artisjet UV LED printers give photographic quality using Epson printheads and technology.

These are professional printers at affordable prices of consumables which are in many cases half of the price of other brands. This is due to the fact that they use bottled ink instead of cartridges and Epson original spare parts instead of specialised brands. We have our own technical service, we partner with many technical services all throughout Europe and we offer answers and solutions quickly and efficiently. We are specialists in SMEs and we provide direct and personalized service that enables our clients to work with total confidence and peace of mind.

artisJet Direct Textile Printers

  • Direct to garment printing (DTG) is a printing process onto fabrics and clothing using inkjet technology.
  • The two key requirements of a DTG printer are the support mechanism for clothing and special inks that are applied to the fabric.
  • ArtisJet printers can print onto many garments such as T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, ties, shoes, jeans, bags, etc.
  • ArtisJet DTG printers use water-based, non-toxic inks, which are extremely elastic and colour resistant.
  • The 8 channels of ink made up of CMYK + WWWW, mean you can print excellent quality images directly onto T-shirts of any colour.